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(Wo)men in Tech

This little girl is me.

You can never be too early. This is me at the age of 2, playing with the technic Lego set of my big brother.

At Play in Business, we play around with a lot of tech as well, since play is a great way of learning new skills and gain knowledge.

We have Marinus Kuivenhoven , Anne-Sophie Teunissen, Valentine Mairet, Ide Koops, Gwenda Nielen and Samantha van Hutten to play with security, risk, privacy and to have a great discussion on creating awareness around these subjects with the use of playfulness.

11 years after this picture my brother gave me his computer with Linux on it and taught me the first basics of programming.

It was the basis of my love for tech and hacking for almost 4 decades. Thanks, bro.

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